Westchester County Board of Legislators Announces 2013 Budget Hearing Schedule

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 14, 2012

Contact: Tom Staudter | ThomasS@westchesterlegislators.com | 914-995-2819 (office) | 914-815-4462 (cell)

Westchester County Board of Legislators

Announces 2013 Budget Hearing Schedule

White Plains, NY – The Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL) announced today the schedule

for a series of public oversight meetings concerning County Executive Robert P. Astorino’s

Proposed 2013 Budget. All meetings are open to the public and streamed ‘live’ and archived online.

Who: Legislator Judy Myers (D-Larchmont), chair of the BOL Budget & Appropriations

Committee; other legislators; and various agency and / or County department heads.

Where: Westchester County Office Building
Michaelian Office Building
148 Martine Avenue

Board of Legislator’s Committee Room, 8th floor
White Plains, NY

NOTE: Three public hearings will be held in separate locations.

When: (review below dates and times for each oversight meeting)

Westchester County Board of Legislators

Budget & Appropriations Committee Meeting Schedule

Review of the 2013 Proposed Budget

11/15 Thursday 2:00 p.m. Budget Department

3rd Quarter 2012 Budget Forecast

11/16 Friday 10:00 a.m. Community Mental Health

10:30 a.m. Youth Bureau

11:00 a.m. Consumer Protection

11:30 a.m. Senior Programs & Services

2:00 p.m. Capital Projects


11/19 Monday 10:00 a.m. County Clerk

10:30 a.m. Law Department/Risk Management

11:30 a.m. Public Works

2:00 p.m. Capital Projects

11/20 Tuesday 10:00 a.m. Labs & Research

10:30 a.m. Planning

11:30 a.m. Health


Village of Mamaroneck

169 Mt. Pleasant Avenue

Mamaroneck, NY


11/26 Monday 10:00 a.m. Parks

11:00 a.m. Emergency Services

12:00 noon Public Safety

7:00 p.m. Board of Legislators Regular Meeting

11/27 Tuesday 10:00 a.m. Solid Waste Commission

10:30 a.m. Social Services

12:00 noon Human Resources

11/28 Wednesday 10:00 a.m. Finance Department, Debt Service,

Fringe Benefits, Miscellaneous Budget,

6N & 6J

11:30 a.m. Transportation/Westchester County Airport

11/29 Thursday 10:00 a.m. Information Technology

11:00 a.m. Correction

12:00 noon Probation


Town of Cortlandt

Vincent F. Nyberg General Meeting Room

1 Heady Street

Cortlandt Manor, NY

11/30 Friday 10:00 a.m. District Attorney

10:30 a.m. Office of Women

11:00 a.m. Environmental Facilities

11:30 a.m. Board of Elections


12/03 Monday 10:00 a.m. CBAC Oral Report

10:30 a.m. BKS Oral Report – 2013 Budget

12:00 p.m. Additions to the 2013 Operating,

Capital Budget & Special Districts

7:00 p.m. Board of Legislators Regular Meeting

12/05 Wednesday 7:00 p.m. PUBLIC HEARING

Westchester County Center

198 Central Avenue

White Plains, NY

# # # # #

*** All meetings are WEB STREAMED LIVE on the Legislature’s website at http://www.westchesterlegislators.com. Just press the MEETING VIDEO-ON-DEMAND button and scroll down to the COMMITTEE section ***

Additional news and photos available at http://www.westchesterlegislators.com/newsroom

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=Bazzo 11/15/12


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