Release: Castaldi receives top rating from NYSRPA

For Immediate Release
Michael Knowles

Castaldi receives top rating from NYS Rifle & Pistol Association

Advocacy group gives her incumbent opponent a score of “C”

OSSINING, NY — The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association announced its 2012 candidate ratings last week. State Senate challenger Janis Castaldi received a “B”-the top score allowed for a non-incumbent by the NYSRPA-while her opponent David Carlucci received a “C.”

“It’s vitally important that those with whom we entrust public office stand up for our entire Bill of Rights,” said Castaldi. “When they start to pick and choose, you end up with the bloated, unwieldy, and special interest-laden state government that we have today.”

The Rifle and Pistol Association will mail out a pamphlet with their choices this week, and the pamphlet will also appear in an issue of Outdoor New that will be released before the election.

“Janis is a trustworthy supporter of our Second Amendment rights,” explained incumbent assemblyman and avid outdoorsman Robert J. Castelli. “Plus,” he added, “She’s a pretty good shot.”

Bazzo 11/02/12

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