Press Release – Would Sandy Back Silver?

Would Galef Back Silver?

Galef mum on her first vote if she gets back to Albany


October 25, 2012 — The most avoided question by 33 year career politician Sandy Galef during this season’s editorial board interviews and candidate forums has been her stance on her own party leadership. Assembly Candidate Kim Izzarelli is asking the moderator of the fourth and final debate on Monday to press Mrs. Galef for an answer: “If re-elected, will Galef vote for Sheldon Silver as Assembly speaker?”

In City & State on October 22, Opinion Columnist Susan Del Percio wrote: “Every Assembly candidate, incumbent and challenger, should be compelled to answer this question: Do you support Sheldon Silver for speaker? Every Assembly member who is elected this November must decide if they are on the side of progress and prosperity for New York, or whether they will sacrifice the good of the people in order to help Sheldon Silver stay in power.”

Despite forecasts of inclement weather, public attendance is expected to exceed the room occupancy of the Joseph Caputo Community Center, the venue for the last debate between candidates for the 95th Assembly district on Monday night at 7 PM. Izzarelli expects the room will be full and when pressed, Galef will state that, if re-elected, she will vote to keep Silver in power.

“Voters are looking for new leadership this November,” states Izzarelli, “I will not vote for Sheldon Silver as speaker. I intend to move our state forward in a positive direction.”

“If there was ever a time to remove Sheldon Silver, this would be it,” she continued. “Silver has simply been a hindrance on the political progress we have made under Governor Cuomo. If Mrs. Galef was serious about creating positive dialogue in Albany, she would act now.”

Through three debates and a joint-interview, Mrs. Galef has continued to circle around the issue of her own party leadership and the scandals associated with it in recent week. During the first debate on October 2, Mrs. Galef was pressed on her position of Speaker Silver. After stating that she had called for him to resign, she explained why she could not do so. Similar half-stance positions were given in the following debate on October 4.

“I think her silence speaks volumes,” said Izzarelli. “It’s time to choose leaders who are focused on our future, our children and the economic health of our state.”

Nick D’Angelo
Campaign Manager

Kim Izzarelli for State Assembly
Bazzo 10/25/12


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