Press Release – Izzarelli Forces Real Dialogue

Izzarelli Forces Real Dialogue

Entrenched Albany Insider Must Defend Her Record


October 24, 2012 — Despite dragging her heels on the issue for three months, 33-year career politician Sandy Galef was forced into four debates proposed by her upstart challenger. Assembly Candidate Kim Izzarelli believes voters in the 95th Assembly District are better served and more knowledgeable today than six months ago, thanks to her campaign.

“We’ve made a quantum leap in elevating the debate and dialogue in the 95th,” states Izzarelli. “ I’m proud to bring the real issues to the forefront, especially lowering the property tax burden for our residents and business owners. We’ve brought the important topics, which my opponent loves to avoid, into the debate forum and held Mrs. Galef accountable for her voting record and conduct. It has become clear that Galef is a legislator working against middle class voters.”

Izzarelli’s key platform items: repealing New York’s Triborough Amendment, applying a new “Ability to Pay” definition in binding interest arbitration for our municipalities, and reducing state government regulations that inhibit New York’s economic competitiveness, are now the focal point of the campaign, seen as increasingly competitive in these final weeks.

“Earlier in the summer, my opponent’s press releases and legislative newsletters contemplated issues such as tanning bed regulations, promoting community opera and medical marijuana legislation. Given the response of the constituency, it didn’t take long for Mrs. Galef to figure out that I was a formidable opponent focused on improving the economic vitality of all New Yorkers.”

“New York continues to rank at or near the bottom of every business and economic index,” Izzarelli continued. “We have to show that we are serious about getting our financial house in order, beginning with reducing the burdensome unfunded mandates that drive up our local property tax bills and discourage investment in our great state. Structural changes, such as those I’ve recommended, will be needed to keep New York’s credit ratings positive.”

Kim Izzarelli is a single mother of two who spent fifteen years in the private financial sector, most recently as an internal auditor for a large private pension fund.

Media Contact:

Nick D’Angelo


Nick D’Angelo
Campaign Manager

Kim Izzarelli for State Assembly
Bazzo ,10/25/12


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