PRESS RELEASE] Cops close the book on Buchwald


The momentum in the race for the 93rd Assembly District continues to favor Assemblyman Robert J. Castelli (R, C – Goldens Bridge). Today, it was announced he has received the endorsement of the Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement Association (WHLEA).

The organization works to recruit Hispanic members of the community to become law enforcement officers and to provide them with fair wages and employment benefits, securing critical measures like life insurance assistance and financial aid scholarships for the children of employees. Hector Lopez, the organization’s president, expressed confidence that Castelli was the right choice to represent the 93rd Assembly District. “We believe in you and the issues that you stand for,” he said.

“The work that you do for the minority community, in particular, the Hispanic community, is a testament to your understanding on the issues at hand,” Lopez said. “We the Hispanic Community feel that working together with you is essential so that all issues are addressed.”

Castelli, who spent 21 years with the New York State Police and served on the Organized Crime Task Force, expressed his commitment to supporting the shared goals that he and WHLEA hold.

“As a former State Trooper, I understand the challenges that our law enforcement officials of all backgrounds face on the front lines, risking their lives to protect our families and property,” Castelli said. “In order to properly serve and protect all of Westchester’s diverse communities, we need an equally-diverse slate of law enforcement officers equipped with the knowledge and understanding to face every unique set of circumstances that life provides. WHLEA has done a superb job ensuring equal compensation for their members and bringing more Hispanic men and women into law enforcement, and together we can work to provide our families and businesses with the safety and peace of mind that they need and deserve.”

Castelli’s spokesperson, Dean Travalino, a registered Democrat, noted that Castelli has forged a nontraditional coalition of supporters from across the political spectrum, with endorsements ranging from the National Federation of Independent Business, to the Joint Council of Teamsters, to the Sierra Club. In contrast, his opponent has received lackluster endorsements from partisan organizations which have only endorsed Democrats this election cycle.

Though even that may soon change, Travalino noted, if word of David Mr. Buchwald’s comments at last night’s League of Women Voters’ debate make it back to some of the organizations which have endorsed him, as he managed to insult several members of the conference he seeks to join in Albany..

In one instance, he referred to Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee’s bill to bring pay equity to the civil service system as a “narrow bill.” He attacked Assemblywoman Barbra Lifton’s legislation that would allow the use of local zoning to protect shared infrastructure and public health from the dangers of Hydrofracking, a ‘super bill’ as rated by the Environmental Advocates of New York, as a “bad idea.”

Buchwald quixotically criticized the use of legislative franked mail, even though Sheldon Silver’s majority conference, which he said he would join, spends the vast majority those resources, with even the most junior Majority lawmaker receiving a far greater allocation of franking privileges than Republicans such as Castelli.

“David Buchwald’s campaign is floundering and he is grasping at straws as he attempts to draw attention away from his failed record of huge property tax hikes and budget-busting spending increases, and his close ties to Mr. Silver,” Travalino said. “The record is clear, rather than choosing to follow the example of bipartisan leadership and fiscal responsibility set by Governor Cuomo and Assemblyman Castelli, David Buchwald chose to vote to balance his budgets with layoffs to cops and firefighters. No wonder every police enforcement association in Westchester County has endorsed Bob Castelli.”


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Bazzo 10/25/12


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