VIDEO: Astorino Cuts “Albany Ally” TV Spot for Bob Cohen

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


“We can do something about high taxes; We can elect

Bob Cohen to the State Senate.”

Westchester–Oct. 22…Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino (R), one of the state’s leading proponents for property tax reform and state mandate relief on counties and municipalities, appears in a new 30-second television advertisement for businessman and state senate candidate Bob Cohen, the Cohen campaign today announced.

Mr. Astorino’s face-to-camera television spot — it can be viewed here —

stresses to Westchester families the importance of having a state senator in Albany, like Bob Cohen, who supports eliminating the state mandates that are driving up the cost of local government and eroding the state’s social safety net.

Mr. Cohen’s opponent, Assemblyman George Latimer, voted against Governor Cuomo’s property tax cap and skipped out on the most important mandate relief vote to date in Albany.

“Rob Astorino has done his part to freeze, even lower, property taxes in County government, but he needs a like-minded fiscal reformer in the senate with whom he can work to achieve progress at the state level, where most of the cost increases come from,” said Cohen spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “George Latimer has shown time and again that he sides with the special interests over Westchester taxpayers when these key votes occur.”

The full script to “Albany Ally” is below:

TV :30

I’m County Executive Rob Astorino.
For the third year, we’ve held the line on county property taxes — even lowered them.

But if we are to keep lowering property taxes, we
need an ally in Albany, where most increases come from.

That’s why I’m supporting Bob Cohen for State Senate.
Bob Cohen supports the tax cap — and the
state mandate relief we need.

We can do something about high taxes.
We can elect Bob Cohen to the state senate.


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