Press Release – The Empire Center: Galef “Bending Facts Like Pretzels”

Empire Center: Galef “Bending Facts Like Pretzels”

Public Policy Think-Tank Recognizes Izzarelli Plan


OCTOBER 22, 2012 — The Empire Center, a statewide non-partisan think-tank for public policy, called out career politician Sandy Galef for her half-stance positions during her first two debates with Kim Izzarelli. The Empire Center takes particular issue with Mrs. Galef’s claim that the recent tax rate reduction was the most prolific in 58 years.

In the Empire Center blog, NY Torch, the author writes:

“That misnamed ‘reform’ measure combined the extension of a large tax increase for million-dollar earners with token (and, again, temporary) reductions in marginal rates for those earning taxable incomes of $40,000 to $300,000. And those reductions were, proportionately, among the smallest state income tax cuts to have been enacted in the last 35 years.”

Kim Izzarelli, who spent fifteen years in the private financial sector, has consistently criticized her opponent for her political spin and mischaracterization. During their joint-interview on News12 Newsmakers, Ms. Izzarelli noted that the reduction in the rate would amount to roughly $60/year per family. The Empire Center confirms this:

“As Ms. Izzarelli noted, for a typical household in the Assembly district, the tax cut will amount to a measly $60 a year, or a little more than a dollar a week. By contrast, the most significant middle-class income tax relief approved in Albany since the late 1970s was initiated early in the 12-year (1995-2006) gubernatorial tenure of Ms. Galef’s Republican predecessor in the Peekskill-area Assembly seat, George Pataki.”

The report continues by noting that Ms. Izzarelli is one of the strongest supporters statewide during the 2012 campaign season, to call for the repeal of the Triborough Amendment, a bold move that The Empire Center notes could help local governments reduce their costs. In contrast, Mrs. Galef’s position is referred to as “historical revisionism” and simply “wrong.”

“Throughout this campaign I have been telling constituents in the 95th Assembly district the truth. Our local community and our state face enormous financial challenges and it will take someone who can make difficult decisions with a strong background in finance to overcome those challenges. In Albany, I will never back down from tough decisions,” said Izzarelli.

Campaign manager Nick D’Angelo stated, “The report by the Empire Center is further proof of just how out of touch Mrs. Galef is with the district she’s represented for two decades. Our race is receiving statewide recognition because it truly is a stark contrast of two visions for New York: the status quo versus real reform.”

In an increasingly competitive race, the two candidates for the 95th Assembly district will debate for the third time tonight, October 22, at Haldane High School. The debate will begin at 7:00pm and is open to the public. Topics are expected to focus on BOCES refinancing, educational equality and the Triborough Amendment.

Nick D’Angelo
Campaign Manager

Kim Izzarelli for State Assembly
Bazzo 10/22/12


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