Carvin: Nita Lowey Shows Fundamental Lack of Understanding on Debt, Borrowing Crisis

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“24-Year Incumbent Maxed Out National

Credit Cards; Keeps Applying for More.”

Westchester-Rockland–Oct. 22…”The greatest threat to the future of this country is career politicians, like my opponent, who are more interested in re-election than in telling our constituents the truth about our fiscal situation,” Rye Town Supervisor and congressional candidate Joe Carvin (R) today charged after meeting in two debates with 24-year House incumbent Nita Lowey (D-WFP).

Mr. Carvin charged that Ms. Lowey has shown in the debates “a shocking lack of leadership in terms of addressing the U.S. debt problem she helped create over 24 years and how that debt and other unfunded liabilities will cripple our children’s ability to compete in the 21st Century, if it is not quickly addressed.”

“Ms. Lowey has served her community for many years and I respect her service, but she continues to speak about spending issues as though it is 1989 and not 2012,” Mr. Carvin said. “This problem has been created by both parties over decades. And now thanks to back-to-back presidents who took spending and borrowing to new levels, this country now holds more debt than any nation in history, and we continue to run trillion dollar deficits year after year. Our debt load is unsustainable, yet Ms. Lowey speaks as though it’s business as usual in Washington.”

Ms. Lowey has continued in the debate to run away the only bi partisan fiscal solution on the table. Ironically, at yesterday’s debate Republican Mr. Carvin quoted time and again from President Obama’s own bi partisan fiscal commission while Ms. Lowey made it clear that she wanted no part of Simpson-Bowles or fiscal reform.

In addition to its $16 trillion in hard debt, the U.S. has at least $60 trillion in outstanding unfunded federal liabilities in Social Security and Medicare promises, Mr. Carvin, a long-time international businessman, noted.

“I have been genuinely alarmed at these debates about Ms. Lowey’s fundamental misunderstanding of our unfunded liabilities,” Mr. Carvin continued. “If an intelligent public servant like Nita Lowey is so deeply ensconced in the Washington bubble that she cannot see what her multi-trillion-dollar borrowing is doing to the country’s future, then Congress is even more out of touch than I thought. Westchester and Rockland voters have real cause for concern.”

As Rye Town Supervisor, Mr. Carvin cut spending by 25% and cut taxes every year he has been in office.

Bazzo 10/22/12


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