Westchester Volunteer Firefighters Demand Apology Over Outrageous Attack Mailer

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Mailing Suggests 19-Year-Volunteer Firefighter Bob Cohen

Would Watch Homes Burn

Westchester–Oct. 19…A group of Westchester volunteer firefighters today demanded that Assemblyman George Latimer apologize for a campaign mailing in which he depicts businessman and state senate candidate Bob Cohen standing with hands in his pockets while a Westchester home burns.

Mr. Cohen has served as a volunteer firefighter in Westchester County for 19 years, and has been injured on the job.

“Bob Cohen has put his life on the line countless times to protect Westchester families from fires,” said Steve Fuchs, a spokesman for a group of Scarsdale volunteer firefighter who has worked alongside Bob Cohen. “Bob has been hospitalized for injuries sustained protecting those families. For George Latimer to suggest that Bob Cohen would cut fire funding or stand and watch homes burn is unconscionable. Volunteer firefighters stick by one another. Mr. Latimer needs to apologize to all of us for this sickening attack.”

“George Latimer should be ashamed of himself for this mailer,” said Cohen campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “I don’t remember seeing him running into burning homes. But that’s exactly what Bob Cohen has been doing for 19 years. Mr. Latimer is out of control.”

Bazzo 10/20/12


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