RADIO SPOT: Mike Bloomberg: Bob Cohen Will Fight for Westchester

Good morning —

Thought you might be interested in this :60 second radio ad in which Mayor Mike Bloomberg urges Westchester familes to vote for Bob Cohen for State Senate on November 6.

Mayor Bloomberg endorsed Bob Cohen yesterday.

This ad is running throughout the New York City and Westchester market.

The full link to the radio spot is:

The script is available below.


Bill O’Reilly

Bloomberg Cohen Radio Spot Transcript:

“In the last days of campaigns, politicians do desperate things, and right now you may be hearing a lot of lies and eleventh hour attacks against Bob Cohen. This is Mike Bloomberg, and here’s the truth: I’ve proudly endorsed Bob Cohen for State Senate in Westchester, because he’s got real integrity and independence – qualities that are sorely missing in Albany. Bob’s a businessman – not a politician – who’s been involved in civic work for more than two decades. In his business and in his service to the community, Bob does what’s right – not what’s easy. And that’s what Bob Cohen will do in the State Senate: stand up for Westchester families, not the special interests. There’s a reason the same old politicians are attacking Bob Cohen: because he’ll shake things up in Albany, and they don’t want that to happen. But you and I do. This is Mike Bloomberg. Vote against politics as usual. Vote for Bob Cohen for State Senate.”

“Paid for by Friends of Bob Cohen. Barbara Cohen, treasurer.”

Bazzo 10/19/12


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