Katz Press Conference this Tuesday

Hello Anthony:

We have a great press conference and photo opportunity tomorrow in Mahopac.

Small Businesswoman Isabella Rufa will join Assemblyman Steve Katz and Putnam County Executive Mary Ellen Odell to review small business legislation and take questions on the state of small business in New York.



Media Contact: Kevin Mercuri

kevin@propheta.com 212-901-6914



1. New York State Assemblyman Steve Katz, 99th assembly district. Dr Katz is currently running for reelection to his seat, which has been redistricted as the 94th.

2. Small Business Owner Isabella Rufa, who will host the event at her recently opened store in Mahopac.

3. Putnam County Executive Mary Ellen Odell.

WHAT: Dr. Katz will discuss his endorsement by the National Federation of Independent Business, review the State Legislature’s present record regarding small business, and discuss the future of small business for New York State.

WHERE: The event will take place at a recently-opened small business: Recine Decorating & Design, 898 Route 6, Mahopac, NY. http://www.recinedesign.com/

WHEN: Tuesday October 16 at 10:15 am

OFFERING: Dr. Katz will take questions regarding his recent NFIB endorsement, followed by a brief review of recent legislation affecting small businesses in New York. Ms Rufa and Mary Ellen Odell will also be available for comment on opening and sustaining a business in New York State.

Post-press conference interviews can be arranged by contacting Kevin Mercuri (above media contact).


About Steve Katz

Steve Katz (www.katz4ny.com) currently serves the New York Assembly, 99th District (redistricted to the 94th) and resides in Mohegan Lake, NY with his wife and children. His tenure in the New York Assembly brought about a number of key pieces of common-sense conservative legislation. Dr. Katz is currently spearheading a statewide law requiring a photo ID for elections and has worked tirelessly as an assemblyman to reduce New York’s tax burden and eliminate excessive regulations on businesses. Katz is a veterinarian and has been a small business owner for over 25 years. He is a proven job creator who brings his experience in the private sector to enhance the free market environment in New York and provide the incentive for good jobs for the next generation of New Yorkers.


Kevin A. Mercuri

President & Founder, Propheta Communications

70 East 10th Street, Suite 6P

New York, NY 10003

Vox: 212-901-6914 ext 107 | Mob: 617-593-1421

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