Six Assembly Candidates Endorsed by New Yorkers for Growth

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New York, October 11….New Yorkers for Growth, an organization committed to bringing fiscal responsibility to New York State government, today announced that it has endorsed six candidates for New York State Assembly.

Those candidates are:

1. David Byrne, candidate for the 106th A.D. in the Hudson Valley;
2. Bob Castelli, candidate for the 93rd A.D. in Westchester;
3. Kim Izzarelli, candidate for the 95th A.D. in Westchester;
4. Steve McLaughlin, candidate for the 107th A.D. in the Capital Region;
5. Bill Villanova, candidate for the 91st A.D. in Westchester; and
6. Jennifer Whalen, candidate for the 110th A.D. in the Capital Region.

Assemblymen Castelli and McLaughlin are incumbents we endorsed in the past. They are strong and much-needed voices for fiscal conservatism in an Assembly replete with spendthrift liberals. Let’s keep Castelli and McLaughlin working for New York! Candidates Byrne, Izzarelli, Villanova, and Whalen will be new to the Assembly, but New Yorkers would be lucky to have them in office, given their stances and backgrounds as fiscal reformers.

New Yorkers for Growth is a fiscal watchdog group that supports candidates who, regardless of party, favor and vote for lower taxes, reduced reliance on debt, and reform of State and local spending. The group is particularly focused on candidates who support mandate relief and reform of the public pension system.
Carla Kerr, spokesman for New Yorkers for Growth, said, “The Assembly is a tough place for fiscal conservatives, so New Yorkers especially need office holders of strong character who will fight for the taxpayer. We’re proud to back these six candidates for Assembly. We’re confident they will do right by the taxpayers of New York in the coming term.”

David Byrne is a West Point grad and war hero with a Bronze Star who has served on his town board since 2008. He wants to require a supermajority vote before Albany may impose unfunded mandates on localities, and to eliminate the many redundant State agencies. [link to]

Bob Castelli has served in the Assembly since 2010 and has been a committed budget hawk. He is the prime sponsor of pending bills to
repeal or suspend the Triborough law, which prevents taxpayers from having a meaningful voice in negotiations with public unions. [link to]

Kim Izzarelli is an internal auditor whose campaign slogan — “If you can’t pay for it, you can’t afford it.” — sums things up nicely. Kim, who seeks to represent the county with the highest property taxes in America, will bring to Albany the exact skill set our state government desperately needs.
[link to]

Steve McLaughlin has served in the Assembly since 2010 and consistently leads the tough fights for fiscal conservatives. He was a strong proponent of the tax cap and wants to lead the fight on unfunded mandates. He also wants to reform NYS’s Medicaid disaster, in which Albany spends $12 billion more than required by the federal government.[link to]

Bill Villanova has been Rye Town Deputy for two terms. Among his fiscally-responsible proposals are elimination of the NYS estate tax, which helps send our retirees running to Florida, and repeal of the Wicks Law, which makes the State’s construction projects much more difficult and expensive than they would be for the private sector. [link to]

Jennifer Whalen has served in both the public and private sector as a lawyer and as a business person. She’s someone who will tackle reform of the tax rates for businesses and will work to reduce the burdensome regulatory environment for businesses in the State. [link]

Please help push all these candidates over the line. They, and the State, needs your help.

To help us help these and our other endorsed candidates, please donate to New Yorkers for Growth at:

Bazzo 10/12/12


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