Latimer’s Horrible Voting Record – Tell Your Friends!

Check out link to learn more about George Latimer:

Why is one of the worst elected officials in Westchester trying to get a promotion?

Does Latimer think the voters are all dumb and will not review his horrible voting record:
Latimer voted against NYS property tax cap!
Latimer voted against pension reform!
Latimer voted for the MTA tax!
Latimer eliminated New Rochelle’s property tax cap!
Latimer used $30,000 is campaign donations for personal meals!
Latimer tried to sneak through legislation to knock down the New Rochelle Armory!
Latimer claims to be for term limits but has become a career politician in office for 25 years straight!
Latimer is a rubber stamp vote for Sheldon Silver and left-wing NYC Democrats – voting with Silver 99% of the time!
Why is anyone voting for Latimer? He has the most anti-taxpayer record of any incumbent in Westchester.

Westchester is highest taxed county in country thanks to career politicians like Latimer.

Please forward this email to all your friends – voters deserve to know the truth about Latimer!

Bazzo 10/11/12


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