Good morning. Thought this might be of interest —

In light of George Latimer’s opposition to Governor Cuomo’s 2% Property Tax Cap, I thought you might want this quote made today on the radio by Governor Cuomo’s Chief of Staff, Larry Schwartz:

“If there’s anybody running for office this year that doesn’t support the governor’s property-tax cap and they think their property taxes should be higher than the tax cap, then they shouldn’t come to Albany, they should stay home. Here’s my advice to every candidate who doesn’t support the property-tax cap: If you think you’re going to come to Albany to raise taxes, forget it. Stay home,” Mr. Schwartz said.

It is also worth noting that Mr. Latimer is receiving $250,000 from the State Teacher’s Union (NYSUT), which is vowing to go to court to block the Governor’s Tax Cap.

No doubt NYSUT sees Mr. Latimer as an ally in its efforts against the Governor’s historic tax cap.


Bob Cohen for State Senate 2012

Bazzo 10/11/112


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