Press Release: Izzarelli on Peekskill Finances

KIM IZZARELLI: 49 Other States Don’t Have It. We do.

Albany insider Sandy Galef’s policies hurt local communities


October 10, 2012 — Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster (D) sent a strong message to Albany this week, criticizing the brutal state mandates that are crippling the local economy. According to, Mayor Foster announced the contribution required to fund pension benefits for city employees has doubled since 2010. The City of Peekskill will pay $4.5 million to Albany this year.

Kim Izzarelli, the fiscal conservative candidate for State Assembly in the new 95th district, has made mandate relief one of the cornerstones of her campaign. A former internal auditor for private pension funds, Izzarelli has consistently pointed out the mounting problem of unsustainable costs for local taxpayers.

“We need to begin to mend a poorly managed state economy,” said Izzarelli, who also serves on the Town of Ossining Citizens’ Advisory Finance Committee. “New York State is in need of serious action and some tough decisions. Having a background in pensions and employee benefits, I understand the difficult challenges we are facing. And as a taxpayer, I understand how necessary this relief is to local middle class families.”

During the first two debates with 33 year career politician Sandy Galef, Izzarelli pushed for repeal of the Triborough Amendment, which, Izzarelli explained “would provide our school districts and municipalities with the leverage they need to negotiate during these difficult economic times.”

“49 other states have no Triborough Amendment” she added. “We do.”

In contrast, Mrs. Galef has contently claimed that Albany is on the “right track.” After two decades, Mrs. Galef finally managed to approve a property tax cap. However, the package did not include any mandate relief.

As Mayor Foster noted, “Instead of actually doing something about these skyrocketing costs, Albany operates as if municipalities are ATM machines that endlessly dispense local cash to cover their failure to control costs.”

Izzarelli added, “Until we end the reckless policies of Albany insiders, like Mrs. Galef, our local economy will continue to suffer, our municipalities will continue to be unfairly taxed and our neighbors will continue to lose jobs.”

Izzarelli and Galef will debate twice more before the November 6 election. The next forum will be at Haldane High School at 7:00 on October 22. The final debate will be sponsored by the Ossining Chamber of Commerce on October 29.

Nick D’Angelo
Campaign Manager

Kim Izzarelli for State Assembly
Bazzo 10/10/12

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