Lowey Refuses Volunteer Spending Cap

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



Will Not Abide by $500,000 Limit as Offered by Carvin Campaign

Westchester-Rockland–Oct. 2…New York’s wealthiest member of Congress, Nita Lowey (D-WFP), has refused a voluntary cap on the amount of money she will spend in her 13th re-election effort, the campaign of Rye Town Supervisor and congressional challenger Joe Carvin (R) regretfully announced today.

Mr. Carvin, who believes that money and hyper-partisanship are distorting the American political process, was seeking an agreement with Ms. Lowey to limit the spending on each campaign to $500,000, if a minimum of six public debates would be held. The Lowey campaign has now surpassed that cap and has refused to commit to six debates — even though the the 17th Congressional District, which includes large portions of Westchester County and all of Rockland County, is a newly redrawn district where most voters are unfamiliar with the positions of both candidates.

“Call me an idealist, but I had hoped that Ms. Lowey and I could could travel throughout Westchester and Rockland together to offer voters, in a constructive way, our respective visions for moving this country’s economy forward,” Mr. Carvin said. “I had hoped it would provide a welcome alternative to the 30-second sound bites that say nothing, but predominate in our political system today. I am disappointed that Ms. Lowey has not accepted what I thought was a very reasonable offer.”

Mr. Carvin is running for Congress to do the tough but necessary things to make the American economy more competitive now and in the long-term. That would include tackling fundamental entitlement reforms, the so-called third rails of Americans politics.

“Our campaign’s motto is “Courage for Congress,” Mr. Carvin said. “That courage needs to come from the American people in their willingness to face head-on the enormous challenges of our times. I have every confidence that Westchester and Rockland voters will be willing to do that, once they come to fully understand the extent of those challenges.”

Bazzo 10/04/12


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