Facts about Why Costco Is Good for Yorktown

Facts about Why Costco Is Good for Yorktown

Some Plain Talk

If you want quality products available to the community at reasonable and affordable prices, the

right choice is Costco.

Yorktown does not have to settle for ordinary or second best – it can have the best

big store in the nation. That’s not an idle boast but a fact. Check with Consumer Reports and other evaluation


Costco buys smart and consumers benefit.

The 2010 Yorktown

Comprehensive Plan anticipated and encouraged Costco’s move to Yorktown.

The Town Board determined that the appropriate zoning (C-3) would not be changed, and that the Comprehensive

Plan’s vision for the old motel/gas station/nursery sites would be to welcome a retail draw such as

Costco. The Town Board also rejected an alternative proposal that would have outlawed so-called “big

box” stores at the Costco site. Yorktown, indeed, has an intelligent comprehensive plan and wise policy

makers who wish to avoid the mistakes of past land use decisions which drove enormously beneficial businesses

to a nearby embracing community.

Costco and BJ’s co-exist within a short distance of each other in four communities in the tri-state

area. Both “big boxes” are thriving alongside each other there.

Costco’s exhaustive study for Yorktown

shows that there is a market for its products at the Route 202/Taconic State Parkway location even with

BJ’s at the Staples Plaza.

There is a significant spillage of shoppers out of our area to “big boxes” down county and in Connecticut.

Many of our residents travel out of town to Port Chester or Yonkers, and a lot go out of state to Connecticut,

a loss of time and waste of gas which results, unfortunately, in an economic disadvantage

for Yorktown.

Recently, the CEO of the company that owns and manages the Staples Plaza (where BJ’s is located)

stated at a Yorktown public forum that he welcomes Costco to the Route 202 site because it will attract

new customers to the businesses in his plaza and all along Route 202, which are now hurting.

A significant portion of Costco’s sales is to “mom & pop” retailers who sell in our area. Contrary to

the slogans of the opposition, Costco does not hurt local businesses but rather fortifies and assists

them. They are the “bread and butter” segment of Costco’s customer base.

Without them, Costco’s

wholesale operation would not be as successful as it is; and without Costco, “mom & pop” businesses will

not have high quality but affordable products to utilize in their businesses and sell to us.

Much of the anti-Costco campaign is based on comparing Costco’s customer base and product line with

Walmart’s. There is no comparison, and the anti-Walmart campaign adopted and used against Costco rings

false. For instance, Costco sells approximately 4,000 products while Walmart exceeds 100,000.

Our economic system is built on competition. No one should dissuade you from welcoming Costco

into the community because its products are allegedly too good for the prices it charges, or that

Costco’s price for a gallon of gas is below the established street price.

In effect, that is what the anti-

Costco campaign is all about. The fact is that Costco is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack and

we, the residents and small business owners who are members, stand to benefit.

Supporting intelligent and responsible

business development in Yorktown.


For more information, contact:

Bill Primavera, 914-522-2076









The New York State Department of Transportation will be making improvements to the intersections in the

Route 35/Route 202/Bear Mountain Parkway area. The planned improvements include two through lanes in

each direction on Route 35/Route 202 in the area from Stoney Street/Chase Bank/BJ’s west past Parkside

Corner Shopping Center. Costco also proposes adding a westbound through lane from Strang Boulevard to

Old Crompond Road as well as a separate eastbound left turn lane at its access driveway, a separate right

turn lane on Mohansic Avenue approach to Route 35/Route 202, and signal-timing improvements to nearby


This combined $10,000,000 public/private investment will improve the capacity of this

portion of the corridor. All of the traffic during peak hours will move at a safer more efficient pace

than now occurs, including Costco customers.

The proposed Costco on Route 202 at the Taconic State Parkway

will generate real estate and special district

taxes estimated for the first full year at $910,773.

Of that amount the Yorktown School District

will reap the lion’s share of $613,290

. We all know that the school tax is two-thirds of our tax bill. The

school tax revenue for the Yorktown Central School District will be almost eight times greater with Costco

there than the site presently pays ($77,610). Can you imagine receiving two-thirds of a million dollars net,

cost free, for educational services for our kids! The Costco project once constructed will do that. And

there’s more.

The Town of Yorktown will collect $92,248 for town services and the Mohegan Lake Fire District will

garner $41,148,

while the advance support service (emergency medical) will receive $2,506. Special districts

will also benefit: Yorktown Consolidated water – $13,215. Hunterbrook Sanitary Sewer District-

$47,813, Westchester County Refuse – $8,896. Finally, Westchester County will receive $91,657 for

county services.

That’s a total of $297,483. Costco will be a great blessing because the site without

Costco presently pays a total of $33,880 to all these taxing jurisdictions.

Costco will prove to be an economic stimulus for the rejuvenation of Yorktown’s Route 202 corridor.

It will produce jobs, lots of them: 350 construction and 200 permanent Costco jobs. Right now, the Costco

site is underused, offering minimal to no employment. Indeed, the sites are depressed and, frankly, in need

of demolition. Yet, that is the best location for a high tax producing regional use and there is no denying

that Costco is the kind of a retail draw mentioned in the Comprehensive Plan.

Those who oppose Costco (“Yorktown Smart Growth”), have not supported any development projects

in Yorktown throughout their two-year existence.

We long suspected that their agenda is the

equivalent of a “no growth” one

. We now know, however, from a recent televised meeting of the Town

Board that

they are fueled by gas station dealers who feel threatened by Costco’s low prices as it

weakens their ability to set the street price for a gallon of gas which we have no choice but to pay.

This alliance taints Yorktown Smart Growth’s ostensibly good government façade. Yorktown Smart

Growth discredits its own agenda when it directly advances the interest of a powerful economic sector

that shows no concern for the financial circumstances of our residents.

As the anchor for a revitalized Route 202 corridor in Yorktown, Costco will generate $5,200,000 in

state income and $3,900,000 in county sales taxes totaling at least $9,100,000 in recurring revenue.

Salaries for 200 permanent Costco employees annually earning $8,207,680 (average salary $41,000) and

$17,815,000 for the 350 workers building the project will in part be spent in our community at local businesses.

The story of Costco is not a fairy tale. It is real, a true example of the power of genuine American

enterprise. Costco is a dynamic engine for growth and opportunity. Put Costco to work for us.







Citizens for a Progressive Yorktown supports intelligent and responsible business development in Yorktown. Find out

more about us and learn how to get involved at http://www.ProgressiveYorktown.com. For additional information, email Bill

Primavera at bill@PrimaveraPR.com or call 914-522-2076

Bazzo 10/04/12

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