PRESS RELEASE] Assembly Majority plays “Kill Bill”


Assemblyman Robert J. Castelli (R, C – Goldens Bridge) today highlighted his strong record on women’s issues the 93rd Assembly District.

Castelli is a member of the New York State Bipartisan Legislative Pro-Choice Caucus. Earlier this year, he co-authored Assembly Resolution K828 with Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, which memorialized the fundamental right of a woman to make private medical decisions regarding her reproductive health, and encouraged public awareness, conversation, and support for reproductive rights and justice.

“My number one priority is to help create jobs for all New Yorkers,” Castelli said. “This means fostering an environment that creates economic empowerment and security for women and working families. High on the list of barriers faced by young women is the limited self-image they hold about what they can do, what they might do and where their futures could successfully take them. That is why I cosponsored legislation to help break the glass ceiling by encouraging women to prepare for, enter and remain in science and technology fields.”

Castelli has cosponsored and passed pay equity legislation, resolutions, and bills targeted toward ending discrimination in the workplace in general, since, with education and skills that are comparable or exceed that of their male counterparts, it is long overdue that the State correct issues such as wage, benefit and pension disparity for women.

He has also cosponsored legislation to increase access to startup capital for women entrepreneurs and supported budgets which fully fund access to women’s health care, and help made childcare more affordable.

Dean Travalino, a registered Democrat and spokesperson for the Castelli campaign chastised Castelli’s opponent, White Plains Councilman David Buchwald, for failing to take a stand in support of women’s rights by remaining silent throughout the recent scandal involving secret payouts from the Assembly Majority’s so-called “slush fund” to cover up sexual harassment charges. “It is this Majority,” Mr. Travalino pointed out, “which he [Buchwald] seeks to add to.”

“The irony is,” Travalino said, “these are the same people who have been responsible for bottling up the very women’s legislation Mr. Buchwald claims he wishes to pursue. At the very least, voters should be very skeptical of his sincerity,” Travalino added.

Travalino pointed out that Buchwald’s would-be colleagues bottled up the Reproductive Health Act, as well as Castelli’s women’s empowerment bill, legislation designed to break the glass ceiling by creating a high-tech employment and training program to provide assistance to those entities deemed eligible for training and re-training of employed and unemployed workers in the fields of science and technology.

Other areas where Buchwald’s conference has failed women include:
The conference which Buchwald seeks to join failed to pass Brittany’s Law, which creates a registry for Violent Felony Offenders similar to the Sex Offender Registry created under Megan’s Law (A.9019-A, Gabryszak; 42 Assembly sponsors, Passed Senate/Remains in Assembly Correction)
The group paying for the Buchwald campaign’s political mail killed a bill to establish the felony crime of endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree (A.5350-A, Weisenberg, Passed Senate/Held in Assembly Codes)
The leadership of the Assembly, whom Buchwald supports, refused to pass increased penalties for the criminal use of a firearm (A.5904-B, Kavanagh, Passed Senate/Remains in Assembly Codes)
The supermajority Buchwald would reinforce killed Jilly’s Law, which provides the courts additional criteria to consider when setting bail including any history or pattern of violent acts or threats of violent acts, records of any orders of protection previously issued, and the violent nature of the charged crime and the impact of the crime on the alleged victim (A.10151, Russell, Passed Senate/Remains in Assembly Codes)
Those responsible for covering up the recent sexual harassment allegations and making the $100,000 “slush fund” payout, who Buchwald has failed to repudiate, chose not to pass consecutive sentencing for rape in the first degree (A.2649, Jacobs, Passed Senate/Remains in Assembly Codes)
“Even after being found guilty by the League of Women Voters Fair Campaign Practices Committee of four rule violations for misstating Assemblyman Castelli’s record, Mr. Buchwald continues to pick and choose facts in an attempt to deflect attention from his own failed record, one of tax hikes and wasteful spending,” Travalino said. “Albany already has too many big spenders, the hardworking taxpayers of Westchester don’t need another one.”


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Bazzo 10/02/12


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