Watchdog News 09/2012

Watchdog News
September starts a new year for the U.T.Y.; we are now 36 years old. We need you to renew your yearly membership at this time for a donation of $10.00. Please send your donation to United Taxpayers of Yorktown P.O. Box 180 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598-0180. I am having a U.T.Y. barbecue at my home on Saturday September 29, starting at 1:00PM at 2635 Dunning Drive. Please bring a chair and a drink for your family members, we will supply the food. Please call me at 245-1018 if you are going to be there so I can get a head count to buy the food. If you fail to send in your dues we have no choice but to drop you from our list. I want to thank you for your past support and wish you the best in your further.

Sometime is wrong when a citizen is denied his or her first amendment right of free speech by the very people who swore under oath to defend and protect the constitution that guarantee’s all citizens their right to free speech. On October 18, 2011 at a Town Board meeting at town hall our vice-president Nick DiTomaso was attack by the town’s cameraman. Nick filed assault charges and after 10 months the Yorktown police found no probable cause to make an arrest. Where is the justice?

The Town Board declined a request from the U.T.Y. to vote on a resolution that would put a measure on the November ballot calling for term limits for Town Board members and supervisor’s position. At the July 10, 2012 work session John Monacelli, Nick DiTomaso and Ed Ciffone presented the U.T.Y.’s request which calls for no more than two consecutive four year terms for councilmen and three consecutive two year terms for the supervisor. Supervisor Michael Grace said “I think it is a bit offensive for Ed to demand we vote on something when we have not even had time to discuss it”. We asked for a public hearing to negotiate the term limits, it was denied. We have the petitions to be signed and we are asking for your help in getting them signed. Where is the Justice?

Remember if you are a member of the U.T.Y. you are a community activist; we are the watchdogs for our residents. Something is wrong when a citizen who is exercising his or her right to government redress of grievances are characterized as being troublemakers, gadflies, curmudgeons, but we are patriots. We love our country, devoted to its welfare and the rights of the people who live here. We had many victories over the years in reducing taxes and making changes that made a difference for the good of our community.

We will have nominations and election for officers on Saturday September 29, at the barbecue.
We also need to vote on joining the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce for a yearly fee $110.00.
I support joining them and meeting with them to find common goals in lowering our taxes and increasing business in our town.

Cable shows:
Watchdog Report channel 74 on Sat. 9:00AM, Mon. 9:30 PM, Wed.4:30PM
Senior Forum channel 74 Thursdays and Fridays at 5:30PM

Feel the power of the people, feel the power of your vote, vote in November for change.

President Ed Ciffone

Bazzo 09/28/12


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