Ultimate Power Ultimately Corrupts – Sheldon Silver Must Resign

William Gouldman
Putnam Valley Republican Committee

Ultimate Power Ultimately Corrupts

Sheldon Silver Must Resign

Is anyone paying attention to the silence from Albany’s assembly members? This will tell you everything you need to know about the reality of politics in New York. It shows power overrides many things.

It has been a few weeks since New Yorkers learned that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver arranged a secretive $103,000 payoff to female employees who claimed to have
been sexually assaulted by Assemblyman Vito Lopez. In addition to being an assemblyman, he is the Democratic Party Chairperson in Brooklyn.

It is hard for an assembly member to call out the speaker when he controls everything that happens. But, is that an excuse for doing nothing? I say, NO, IT IS NOT!

Only a few Republicans, our Assemblyman, Steven Katz, being one of them, have called upon Sheldon Silver to resign as speaker. NOT A SINGLE DEMOCRAT has stepped up.

If change is to occur it will happen in November. Every state assembly seat is up for grabs. Their first vote, in January, is to select the assembly speaker. Within the next
month, every community will have the opportunity to ask the candidates where
they stand. Will they stand for corruption and back room deals? Will they stand for the rights of victims? Will they stand with our sisters, daughters, wives and mothers? Will they stand for sexual assault? Will they stand for business as usual in New York?

Is there going to be a change? The voter’s will decide.

Bazzo 09/28/12


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