Tully & Stokes Elected Yorktown Democratic Committee Co-Chairs

SEPTEMBER 25, 2012
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Tully & Stokes Elected Yorktown Democratic Committee Co-Chairs

Brendan J. Tully and Ron Stokes were elected Co-Chairs of the Yorktown Democratic Committee (YDC), on Wednesday September 19, 2012. This is the first time in recent memory that the YDC has had co-chairs. Elliot Krowe was elected Vice Chair, and Sheila Schraier , Meryl Harris and Joe Vittoria were elected Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer, respectively.

“This is an exciting time to be a Democrat” said Tully “We have a chance to re-elect the President, work for progressive candidates, and fight for issues which will make our community stronger and bolster the area’s middle class” Tully added. The YDC will be actively involved in national, state-wide and local elections, but will also engage in the community, and organize around local and regional issues. “Our job as a party is not done on election day. We have to work hard through out the year to make sure that our town is a place where young families can get their start, entrepreneurs can thrive, and families can grow” Tully commented.

Co-Chair Stokes said “Our new structure is a wonderful tool to engage our local party in support of our progressive agenda at both the county & local level. Our strong legislative ticket of Lowey for Congress, Wagner for State Senate & Falk for Assembly are solidly supportive of that agenda. Their election will enhance and preserve the quality of life we seek for all Yorktown residents.”

Brendan J. Tully is a trial lawyer with Levy Phillips & Konigsberg, and represents veterans and working people who have gotten sick from Asbestos exposure. Tully was the Democratic candidate for NYS Assembly in 2010, and founded Yorktown for Obama in 2008.

Ron Stokes is a Yorktown practicing attorney mainly in the fields of criminal and estate law since 1977. He was a candidate for County Court Judge in 1999, NYS Assembly in 1980, and served on NYS Democratic Committee from 1976-1995.

Bazzo 09/28/12


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