Is Latimer Mailing Most Disingenuous in Westchester History?

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Urges Political Historians to Seek a More

Outrageous Attempt to Mislead Voters

Westchester–Sept. 27…Assemblyman George Latimer just sent Westchester voters a piece of mail in which he 1.) proclaims his opposition to the MTA Payroll Tax; 2.) doctors a Journal News headline to suggest he favors the state’s Property Tax Cap; 3.) Claims “no one has done more to lower our taxes than George Latimer;” 4.) trumpets his efforts to fight unfunded mandates, and 5.) claims to have cut property taxes 7.5% as a Westchester County legislator.

The problem with the mail piece, the campaign of successful small businessman and state senate candidate Bob Cohen noted, is that:

1.Mr. Latimer helped create the MTA Payroll Tax — he voted for it;
2.Mr. Latimer voted against Governor Cuomo’s Property Tax Cap;
3.No one running for office today has raised Westchester County property taxes more than Mr. Latimer;
4.Mr. Latimer opposed Governor Cuomo’s most significant mandate relief effort to date (Mr. Latimer snuck out of the Assembly Chamber to avoid the vote.), and
5.Mr. Latimer voted to raise County property taxes 46% as a County Legislator.

Mr. Latimer’s mail piece (attached here)

prompted the campaign of small businessmen and state senate candidate to wonder aloud if there has ever been a more misleading or more disingenuous piece of political mail in Westchester County than this one.

“This may be the most fundamentally dishonest piece of political mail Westchester voters have ever received,” said Cohen spokesman Bill O’Reilly. “It would take an historian to find a more disingenuous example. In point after point, Mr. Latimer tries to fool voters about his record, implicitly taking credit for achievements he opposed, and criticizing laws he supported. But the most outrageous insult to voters in this piece is Mr. Latimer’s claim to have lowered County property taxes, when he in fact helped give Westchester families the highest property taxes in America.”

Westchester County, according the U.S. Census Bureau, just became the first county in American history to have a median property rate in excess of $10,000.

Bazzo 09/28/12

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