Carvin Releases Poverty Report


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Troubling Statistics Reveal Failed War on Poverty

Carvin: Path to Prosperty is Through Economic Growth

Westchester-Rockland-September 28, 2012…Rye Town Supervisor and congressional candidate Joe Carvin (R-NY-17), who has a successful career in business and studied economic growth in countries across the world, today released a report analyzing the nation’s poverty statistics, which reveal a troubling failure of Washington’s policies. This white paper is the second in a series of “Wake-Up Briefings” being released by the campaign.

“Our country is at a serious crossroads and if we don’t take action to amend policies that are ineffective and financially unsustainable, we are at grave risk for collapsing our social safety net for our least fortunate in Westchester and Rockland counties,” said Mr. Carvin. “We have spent $16 trillion against a war on poverty that has resulted in failure. More Americans than ever are on public assistance and that is the direct result of a stagnant economy. Washington must re-focus its priorities on economic growth and restructure the federal government to ensure vital safety net programs are protected for the future.”

You can view the entire report: The Vexing War on Poverty here.

Bazzo 09/228/12


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