NY GOP Chairman Ed Cox: Who Does Kirsten Gillibrand Think She¹s Fooling?

Who Does Kirsten Gillibrand Think She¹s Fooling?


Contact: Becky Miller



Albany, NY…September 24, 2012 — Today, New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox released the following statement regarding Senator Gillibrand’s first television ad:

“New York¹s Junior Senator released her first television ad this week,

in which she extolls the virtues of creating manufacturing jobs in New

York State and touts her work keeping jobs in New York.

Who does Kirsten think she¹s fooling?

In three years, Kirsten Gillibrand has not authored a single piece of

substantive legislation that has passed the Senate.

117 of the 131 bills she introduced failed outright or remain stalled

in committee. Of the 14 that passed, 11 were apolitical, feel good

resolutions, supporting, honoring, or recognizing one cause or another.

The remaining three were nonbinding foreign policy resolutions.

Among her failed initiatives are nearly a dozen jobs bills, each of

which was trumpeted to her constituents as the solution to New York¹s

economic woes only to die in committee.

Most of Kirsten¹s bills were so poorly written that not even her mentor

Chuck Schumer signed on as a co-sponsor.

According to the nonpartisan GovTrack.US, http://www.govtrack.us/

Kirsten’s latest sham jobs

bill, the Success Act, has just a 4% chance of passing.

While Kirsten Gillibrand spent three years striking out in Washington,

the unemployment rate in New York State rose from 7% to 9.1% and

remains a full point above the national rate.

In this crucial election year, Americans are looking for leaders like

Wendy Long who can provide solutions to the failed economic policies of

Barack Obama and put us back on the path to prosperity.

New Yorkers simply don’t have that kind of leader in Kirsten Gillibrand.”

Bazzo 09/27/12

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