BAZZO EDITORIAL: Towards A Functional New York State Government

In the private sector, a person allegedly commits sexual harassment or a sex crime of greater degree and that person is suspended or forced to resign. That person is then investigated and possibly arrested and tried. If convicted, then they are fired, fined (possibly in a civil trail) and jailed. If any of their superiors are found to have affected a cover up, they too are forced to resign and also face trial and the consequences.

The same can be said of stealing and tax evasion. In there political world, you get to stay in office, and more times than not get re-elected. You can even be Secretary of the Treasury. If you are a Democrat, paying taxes or not, is not an issue. If you are a Republican and you do pay your taxes, it still is an issue. If you are a political leader in New York and you cover up a crime and pay off the victims with tax dollars, you get to stay a leader by claiming what you did was legally, morally ethical.

Right now we have a spate of investigations of State Senators and Legislators accused of stealing, tax evasion and sexual harassment. You have an Assembly Leader (Sheldon Silver), Attorney General (Eric Schneiderman) and Comptroller (Thomas DiNaploi) being investigated of covering up a crime and they all still hold power.

We have a dysfunctional government in Albany because we elect dysfunctional officials. If not out right crooks, those that by their silence in the face of possible criminal behavior, enable it to continue. They protect their brethren, not the citizens who elect them. Remember all monies directed to these non-profits now in the judicial cross-hairs, were approved by both houses, both parties and the Governor.

You the voter are to blame. These elected officials are more afraid of their leadership than you. This is because they know that unless convicted of a felony and forced to resign, you will continue to vote for them if they wear your party label. Of course we know you would never vote for a crook in the other party, you see then it matters. Truth be told it should always matter.

Truth be told, these elected officials should be more afraid of you then their leadership. You must demand as a condition for your vote, they stand up to their leadership, change it if necessary. They must stop standing with their ethically challenged brethren.

You can not have a functional government till you have functional representatives. First you must elect honest people. Then later, you can elect honest people you agree with politically. It is up to you to remove the enablers, ethically challenged and out right crooks. You know who they are. You must move beyond party label. You have people now who have been in office forever, they must go, for they are part of the problem no matter how much they say they are not.

In New York, honesty must supercede economics and social issues. Once you get a functional government, then the other issues will be handled on merits, not as now, on who can make the best deal to better themselves.


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