Rep Nan Hayworth Endorses Steve Katz


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Another Key Endorsement for State Assemblyman’s Reelection Bid

September 12, 2012; Yorktown Heights, NY – United States Representative Nan Hayworth, M.D. (NY-19) today announced her official endorsement of Steve Katz in his bid for reelection to the redistricted 94th Assembly (currently 99th) seat.

The New York Congresswoman, whose district overlays much of Assemblyman Katz’ based her endorsement on Katz’ conservative record, achievements and overall dedication to the people of

New York.

“Steve Katz is a tireless public servant,” said Hayworth. “He is a man of integrity. His goals for the 99th District – and for all of New York State – address the most urgent needs of home owners, parents, small business owners and more. He is a common sense conservative who can help reform Albany and carry the State government into the 21 Century.”

Katz’ accomplishments include:

ü Legislation that reins in real estate property taxes for seniors and the disabled with annual incomes of less than $40,000

ü Amendments that limit the terms of legislative members

ü Healthcare reform within the State

ü Making New York a business-friendly state

ü Cutting waste and bringing efficiency to how the State Legislature works

ü Ethics reform that restores honesty and integrity to Albany

ü Relief from unfunded mandates for Counties

ü A Medicaid opt-out provision for Counties

“Representative Hayworth’s support is invaluable,” said Steve Katz. “My goal is simple: I firmly believe that a common-sense conservative approach will bring about real and positive change for all persons residing in New York.”

Dr. Steve Katz currently serves the 99th Assembly district and is running for reelection to this seat, which has been redistricted as the 94th. One of his leading objectives has been to clean up corruption in Albany and push State Government into the 21st Century by implementing long-needed spending cuts and modern improvements in efficiency.


About Steve Katz

Steve Katz ( currently serves the New York Assembly, 99th District (redistricted to the 94th) and resides in Mohegan Lake, NY with his wife and children. His tenure in the New York Assembly brought about a number of key pieces of common-sense conservative legislation. Dr. Katz is currently spearheading a statewide law requiring a photo ID for elections and has worked tirelessly as an assemblyman to reduce New York’s tax burden and eliminate excessive regulations on businesses. Katz is a veterinarian and has been a small business owner for over 25 years.

Bazzo 09/12/12

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