Drop in U.S. Competitiveness Shows High Stakes in This Year’s Election


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Mistrust of Government and Looming Deficit Contribute to

America’s Economic Decline

Westchester-Rockland-September 12, 2012…A recent report showing the United States is slipping down the ranks of global competitiveness as a result of Washington’s irresponsible fiscal policies, makes this year’s election-and voting out of office the politicians that got us into this mess-the most important of our lifetimes, Mr. Carvin today charged.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) survey recently released a report of a global ranking of the world’s most competitive economies. The U.S., which is the world’s largest economy, fell two positions to the 7th spot-marking its fourth year of decline. The report cited the business community’s continued mistrust of the government, unwillingness to tackle the deficit and concerns over its fiscal health as some of the reasons for the downgrade.

“Washington’s policies are having a very real impact on our ability to grow the economy and compete in a global environment,” said Mr. Carvin, who has spent years in countries around the world working on economic issues. “Nita Lowey and her colleagues are putting a plug in the spout of the economy. Instead of systematically growing every area of the federal government, Congress should be focused on providing a framework that supports jobs and private-sector growth.”

He continued, “The math has been done and the warning signals have gone off-if we don’t change our policies, Americans will be faced with a very grim economic future. Conversely, with leaders willing to tackle our economic challenges, we have an opportunity to regain our status as one of the world’s most productive economies. I am asking Americans to join me in this challenge.”

Bazzo 09/12/12


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