VIDEO – new NRCC ad exposes Sean Maloney

Good morning,

The NRCC has hit the airwaves with a new ad educating voters about the disastrous consequences of Sean Patrick Maloney’s economic policies.

From raising taxes to supporting ObamaCare which could destroy 249,000 jobs, Maloney’s economic agenda will make a bad situation worse.

As you cover the NRCC’s new ad, consider the following quote:

NRCC Comment: “Spitzer crony Sean Maloney’s economic policies would have a devastating effect on New York’s economy. From raising taxes on thousands of small businesses to supporting ObamaCare, New York cannot afford Maloney’s dangerous ideas and we are going to hold him accountable.” – NRCC spokesman Nat Sillin

The script for the ad is as follows:

ANNOUNCER: New Yorkers are concerned about our economy.

Sean Patrick Maloney’s polices will make it worse.

Maloney supports the healthcare law which could destroy 249,000 jobs and cost New York small businesses nearly 2 billion in sales.

The Wall Street Journal said the policy Maloney supports would cause economic wreckage.

Worse, Maloney supports raising taxes on thousands of small businesses.

Maloney’s polices,

Wrong for New York and our economy.

DISCLAIMER: The National Republican Congressional Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Nathaniel Sillin

Regional Press Secretary

National Republican Congressional Committee



Bazzo ,09/10/12


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