Press Release – Izzarelli: Time for Silver to Atone

KIM IZZARELLI: Time for Silver to Atone

Galef should demand Friday resignation – the day after state primaries


September 10, 2012 — Assembly Candidate Kim Izzarelli points to Friday, September 14, 2012 as a significant day for all New Yorkers.

“My opponent Assemblywoman Sandy Galef should demand Silver’s resignation on or before Friday. Speaker Silver should take this opportunity to atone himself, and Galef should insist that it is his duty to leave honorably to allow the state to move forward with its business,” she said.

Thursday’s Primary elections will be over and this is the appropriate time for Silver to step out ahead of the General Election,” says Izzarelli. “He has leveraged his party through the Primary season; now it is time to step aside and let the people decide their duly elected leadership on November 6th.”

Izzarelli has repeatedly asked why Galef isn’t for greater transparency on the misconduct issues of Assemblyman Vito Lopez and Galef’s own party leader, Speaker Sheldon Silver, whose approval of a cash settlement payment and confidentiality agreement earlier this year circumvented the Assembly’s Ethics Committee.

While Galef has publicly acknowledged Lopez’ behavior, she remains reticent on this issue and refuses to ask difficult questions on behalf of all New Yorkers, or demand Speaker Silver’s resignation.

“Questions like these should be asked in a public forum in order to hold public servants accountable” said Izzarelli. “Assemblywoman Galef has not agreed to any debates except as late as October 29th, only nine days before Election Day, which is completely unfair to her constituents.”

Kim Izzarelli is a single mother of two who spent fifteen years in the private financial sector.

Media Contact:

Nick D’Angelo


Nick D’Angelo
Campaign Manager

Kim Izzarelli for State Assembly

Bazzo 09/10/12


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