In My Opinion: Mediscare

Bazzo at Work
By Anthony J. Bazzo

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s pick of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential candidate may cost the Republicans the senior vote because Ryan in his “path to prosperity” budget passed by Congress this year will destroy Medicare as we know it. That’s what we’ve been hearing from the Republican opposition,even though it is a lie.

Ryan’s plan does not affect anyone 55 and older. It does not even take effect till 2023. These are facts. My mother, your grandparents, even Mayor of Pennysaver Community Bruce Apar or even I are not affected by Ryan’s plan. Those who will be affected will have as one of their choices the option of staying on Medicare.

Medicare as we know it is in danger. Ryan’s plan tries to fix it, to keep it solvent. It is the Democrat Party that endangers Medicare starting in 2013. On Christmas Eve 2009 “Obama Care” became law. Part of that law takes $700 billion out of Medicare and transfers it to Medicaid. Not in 2023, but next year. Whatever justifiable reason seniors have to be concerned about their health coverage, it is entirely at the door step of the Democrats and this President who signed it into law. New York, it Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Congresswoman Nita Lowey voted for it.

Ryan’s budget, some say, takes $700 billion out of Medicare. That is partially true. The money for Medicare is not there because, starting next year, the law says it is not there. Ryan’s budget operates under current law.

The Republican House of Representatives has voted at least three times to change the law by repealing “Obama Care” and returning the money to Medicare. The Democratic-majority Senate has not taken up the issue. Rep. Nita Lowey voted to keep “Obama Care” each time it came to a vote. Senator Gillibrand has not said one word in favor of the Senate taking up this issue.

If seniors vote to keep Democrats in control of the Senate, to keep Obama as President, to give control of Congress to the Democrats, then Medicare as we know it will no longer exist; the law will stand.

If you think removing $700 billion from Medicare will not result in a reductionin precious healthcare services, you are fooling yourself. By paying hospitals and doctors less, which is the bulk of the $700 billionsavings, you will get fewer doctors and hospitals accepting you as patients. That is the future if you do not change it in November.

This is my opinion, you may beg to differ.

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