Galef Highlights Three Bills Signed Into Law That Will Save Taxpayers Money

For Immediate Release Contact: Sandy Galef

(914) 941-1111

Galef Highlights Three Bills, Signed into Law, that will Save Taxpayers Money by Promoting Government Efficiencies

(September 6, 2012) Assemblywoman Sandy Galef announced that at least three bills have been signed by the Governor which will help to reduce the size of government, encourage joint purchasing, merging and consolidation, and reduce the price tag of these services for taxpayers.

Up until now, public libraries and BOCES were denied the opportunity to contract with one another, even in cases where there would be services that would be mutually beneficial. This law A10147/S7014, Chap. 422 of 2012, will allow these two entities to enter into contracts with one another without further hindrance, encouraging sharing and cost savings.

“I am continuously looking for ways to enable government to become more efficient,” said Assemblywoman Galef. “I know this new law will help in that area and am so pleased that the Governor agrees.”

Also recently signed were two bills that will help reduce the overall cost for fire companies to operate without diminishing their services. A10677/S7677, Chap. 360 of 2012 allows municipalities the flexibility to determine the appropriate equipment required to provide emergency escape systems for their firefighters, while getting rid of an inadequate one-size-fits-all law that called for the purchase of unnecessary equipment. Additionally, A10279-A/S3739-A, Chap. 407 of 2012 allows fire companies to enter into contracts with other municipal corporations such as ambulance districts and other fire departments, for the joint purchasing of goods, supplies and services.

“Buying in larger quantities often enables the purchaser to secure better deals, thus saving money,” said Galef. “This is another opportunity where eliminating outdated mandates will make it easier for government to protect the people and keep them safe while costing taxpayers less.”

“These common sense measures help us continue to make gains in government efficiency and help everyone save money,” concluded Galef. “I look forward to seeing our positive gains as a result of these new mandate reforms in the near future.”

Bazzo ,09/07/12


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