RELEASE: Castaldi endorsed by Log Cabin Republicans

For Immediate Release
Michael Knowles, 917.727.9253,

Log Cabin Republicans endorse Castaldi in NY’s 38th SD
Chairman says, “You have a home here.”
NEW YORK, NY — The Log Cabin Republicans don’t often play favorites. But last Wednesday night, New York State Log Cabin Republican Chairman Gregory Angelo made a special point of introducing State Senate candidate Janis Castaldi during an endorsement fundraiser for state and federal candidates.

“Every candidate we endorse is important,” noted Angelo. “But some have a special home here at the Log Cabin Republicans. Janis Castaldi is one of those candidates.”

In her acceptance speech, Castaldi called out incumbent David Carlucci for ignoring real issues such as the economy, entitlement reform, and New York’s business climate in favor of trivial matters like naming onions the state vegetable of New York. She also observed that her opponent has admitted regularly to not reading the bills for which he votes.

Clips from the event are viewable at

The full text of Castaldi’s speech is below:
Good evening, everybody! It is such a privilege to be with you here this evening. A big thank-you to Chairman Angelo and the rest of the New York Log Cabin Republicans for having us here thisevening. I’m joined tonight by Liz, my wife of twelve years, my campaign managers Peter Tripodi and Sandy Lepore, and the rest of the best campaign team a candidate could ask for. I’ll keep my remarks brief, but I would first like to express to you all just how inspired I am bywhat you do. Really. Give yourselves a round of applause. While our opponents on the Left try to distract and divide us, groups like the Log Cabin Republicans bring us together. Your work to build a stronger, more inclusive Republican Party, dedicated to limited government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty, motivates me to get out on the trail every day because you understand the magnitude of the challenges that confront us, and you choose to take a stand on the serious and difficult questions of our day.

That’s really what separates us from Senate Democrats like our opponent, David Carlucci: the courage to stand up for what’s right, for what needs to be done to get our state back on track, tocreate jobs, to attract businesses back to New York I know a thing or two about the recent failures of Democratic policies, because for many years I myself was a Democrat. But over the last few years, Ihave grown away from that party, or perhaps that party has grown away from me. It seems the economic crisis has rendered obvious the weakness of the Democratic fiscal agenda, and I have seen this first-hand as a small business-owner in Westchester County. No, recent years have not been easy for New Yorkers, and yet on the most pressing questions of the day, the Democratic Party in New York State and across the country has fallen silent. While Republican candidates and officeholders attempt to sustain long-term economic growth, confront entitlement reform, and ensure taxpayer protection, Democrats like David Carlucci play tired and cynical games.

My opponent, Senator Carlucci–and this is by his own admission–regularly does not read the bills on which he votes, he provided a rubber stamp for partisan redistricting at the expense of his constituents, and he even voted against Governor Cuomo’s bipartisan pension reform plan. In fact, the only bill I seem to recall him actively advocating on the Senate floor came in an extended session of the Senate, in which he interrupted the debate over the same-sex marriage amendment to propose a bill to make the onion the state vegetable of New York. You can’t make this stuff up. No mention of corruption, entitlement reform, or the economy. Nope, just stalemate-busting speeches about onions.

They say if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Now, thirteen years ago I was hit by a car, and the doctors told me I would never walk again. Within two years I was walking, within one year I ran the New York City Marathon, and now I’m running for New York’s38th Senate District seat so that I can stand with you and for you in Albany to get our state moving forward again. Thank you so much, and God bless.

Bazzo 09/905/12

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