Public Meeting Agendas]Yorktown Planning Board Agenda Sept 10, 2012

Planning Board Agenda Sept 10, 2012

PLEASE NOTE: There is no Live feed for this meeting. Due to election activity, this meeting will be held at the Yorktown Community & Cultural Center Room 104 and will not be broadcast live. The meeting will be replayed the following week on Cablevision Channel 20 & FiOS Channel 33. View the YGTV Program Schedule for airtimes.

Date/Time: Monday, September 10th at 7:30pm
Location: Yorktown Community & Cultural Center, Room 104

Follow-up Correspondence
Liaison Reports
Meeting Minutes – July 16, 2012 & August 13, 2012

Regular Session

Hilltop Associates
SBL: 37.6-1-25
Request 2nd 90 Day Time Extension
Location: Hilltop Road
Contact: Al Capellini
Description: A 3 lot subdivision approved by Planning Board Resolution 08-02 on January 14, 2008.

Sierra Bella fka Samsel Minor Subdivision
SBL: 47.5-1-13
Request for Reapproval
Location: 1860 Hunterbrook Road
Contact: Al Cappellini
Description: A 2 lot subdivision approved by Resolution 09-24 on September 14, 2009.

Yorktown Auto Body
SBL: 37.19-1-81
Request 1st One-Year Time Extension
Location: 1798 Front Street
Contact: Al Cappellini
Description: Approved addition of approximately 1,500 SF to the existing auto body repair shop.

IBM Helipad
SBL: 69.16-1-1
Decision Statement
Location: 1101 Kitchawan Road
Contact: Nicolette Visalli
Description: Proposed helipad on grounds facing Route 134.

Costco Wholesale
SBL: 26.18-1-19
Discussion Completeness of DEIS
Location: 3200 Crompond Road
Contact: TRC Engineers, Inc.
Description: Application to construct a 151,092 SF Costco Wholesale Club retail store and club member available filling station.

Work Session

Lake Osceola Realty Corp.
SBL: 17.5-1-11
Discussion Site Plan
Location: 505 East Main Street
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed 27,000 SF office building and associated parking. Demolition of one existing residence.

Autoparts International
SBL: 36.6-2-76
Discussion Special Permit
Location: 3333 Crompond Road (Staples Plaza)
Contact: UB Yorktown, LLC
Description: Request for a Special Permit pursuant to Section 300-75 for warehousing in the C-1 zone.

IBM Fiberoptic Cable
SBL: 69.16-1-1
Town Board Referral
Location: Kitchawan Road
Contact: Nicolette Visalli
Description: Proposed installation of a new 4 inch PVC conduit for a telecommunication fiber of which 440 LF of conduit is proposed in the wetland buffer.

Church of the Latter Day Saints
SBL: 70.9-1-34
Town Board Referral
Location: Kitchawan Road
Contact: Alex Pineda
Description: Proposed removal and replacement of 25,935 SF asphalt pavement.

Bostinto Property
SBL: 37.11-1-40
Town Board Referral
Location: 2315 Saw Mill River Road
Contact: Drew Bostinto
Description: Request for theTown to purchase property, which consists of approximately 1.84 acres in the R1-40 zone.

Bazzo 09/05/12


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