Cohen: Silver Can No Longer Effectively Serve as Speaker


CONTACT: Bill O’Reilly (212) 396-9117


Asks Latimer to Put Politics Aside and Join Him for Good of All New Yorkers

White Plains, NY-September 5, 2012…Businessman and state senate candidate Bob Cohen today charged that, amid revelations that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver ordered a secret taxpayer-funded payoff to the victim of Mr. Lopez’s sexual assault, he can no longer effectively serve and must step down from his position as speaker. Mr. Cohen called on Mr. Latimer to put politics aside and join his call for Mr. Silver’s resignation for the good of all New Yorkers.

This is not the first-or even the second-time Speaker Silver has attempted to bury sexual assault allegations against members of his conference and staff. His actions reveal a disturbing pattern of conduct that has no business in public service or any other workplace, Mr. Cohen emphasized.

“Speaker Silver’s alarming pattern of covering up sexual assaults is an abuse of power that makes him unfit to serve the people of this state as assembly leader. Anyone who hesitates to join this call is sending a message to women everywhere that this behavior is acceptable. I’m asking Mr. Latimer to do the right thing for all New Yorkers by putting politics aside and join me in taking a stand against this indefensible cover-up.”

Bazzo 09/05/12


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