Day 3 of Vito Lopez Scandal – Where is George Latimer?

Bob Cohen for State Senate 2012


Day 3 of Vito Lopez Scandal – Where is George Latimer?

Westchester–Aug 29…As details regarding the explosive and secretive sexual harassment scandal involving longtime Democratic Assemblyman Vito Lopez unravel, Assemblyman George Latimer (D-WFP) continues to stand silent on a failed cover-up attempt that has cost taxpayers at least $103,000, state senate candidate Bob Cohen (R-C-I) today charged.

On Monday Mr. Cohen called upon his opponent, who receives $6,250 in additional money for his assembly leadership position as the Chairman of the Legislative Commission on Government Administration, to join his call for Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez to resign in light of his inappropriate actions toward female staffers.

“It is disappointing that Mr. Latimer is failing to speak out forcefully in behalf of these young women,” Mr. Cohen said. “I have said it plainly: Mr. Lopez should resign, and considering the leadership position my opponent holds, this scandal seems to fall into his realm of authority.”

“Albany coverups of this nature have gone on for far too long, and the culture of permissiveness among the members has allowed it,” Mr. Cohen continued. “That is one of the reasons I so strongly support term limits for our state legislators.”

Bazzo 08/31/12


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