Press Release: Izzarelli Debates, Galef Films TV Show – in the same studio


Galef dodges fourth forum, but makes time for her TV Show – in the same studio


August 27, 2012 — On Thursday, August 30 Peekskill Cablevision is holding a joint-interview with the two candidates for the 95th Assembly district. Only one will be in attendance. It has become a theme this election cycle that Sandy Galef will not, as her office writes, “at any time, be able to appear.” Fiscal conservative candidate Kim Izzarelli is set to join “The Senior Forum” for the scheduled debate.

This marks the fourth proposed debate between the two candidates that the 33-year career politician Galef has dodged. It is the second that will go on despite her absence. Last week, WVOX host Steve Mayo criticized Galef for refusing to debate openly, noting that her opponent, Izzarelli, had a strong grasp of the issues affecting the community.

“If Galef has the misfortune to run into you, she better be ready,” Mayo told Izzarelli.

Despite claiming to have a schedule too busy for debates, Assemblywoman Galef has managed to film both of her television shows—in the same Peekskill Cablevision studio as Thursday’s forum—multiple times this summer. Her shows have focused on opera and the arts, but not on her record of poor fiscal management and twenty years as an Albany insider.

“I’m focused on creating opportunity and discussing community issues in a public setting, while Sandy is focused on being a local celebrity,” Izzarelli said, “There is no political courage in Albany and the tricks are over. We need mandate relief, we need to decrease our tax burden and we need to talk about these issues. Sandy’s absence is simply a disservice to the taxpayer, but I will be there because this constituency deserves better.”

Galef has worked hard to dodge debates and public forums for nearly a month. Examiner Media, the League of Women Voters, the Ossining Chamber of Commerce and the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce have all expressed interest in hosting debates. Kim has committed to all of them. Galef has committed to none.

Kim Izzarelli is a mother of two who served for fifteen years in the private financial industry, most recently as an auditor for private pension funds.

Nick D’Angelo
Campaign Manager

Kim Izzarelli for State Assembly
Bazzo 08/28/12


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