In My Opinion: “Greening” The Economy

Bazzo at Work
By Anthony J. Bazzo

What do the conservationists have against prosperity? Let’s face it most of these groups get governments grants, or private contributions from individuals or corporations. No matter where their money comes from it is from others labors.

Yet when it comes time for those who labor to either expand or innovate or prosper as to increase the tax base, these so called well meaning conservationists put up barricades, either through the courts, legislation from ignorant legislators or scare tactics in the form of ads directed at the populace filled with misinformation. If one fights back, they are called “deniers”.

First it was the myth of second hand smoke. Even though not one autopsy has proved second hand smoke kills, more and more laws are passed treating smokers as lepers. Even in the open air! The hypocrisy is that the lawmakers won’t make smoking illegal because they want the tax dollars.

Next it was “man-made global warming”, changed now to “climate change” to fudge the line between man-made and natural warming. The hubris to think that actions of man can stop the natural progression of nature still amazes me.

Then we had the mis-representation of hydrologic fracturing. Even though the federal EPA has spent over 4 billion dollars over five years to prove “fracking” is dangerous to the environment and failed to do so, we still have the energy ignorant in the legislature standing in the way of the potential boon to the New York State economy.

Now these same people want to kill New York’s biggest growth industry, New York made yogurt. A lot of this thanks to the skyrocketing sales of “Greek Yogurt”. Our antiquated laws only allow up to 200 cows per dairy farm, and if one wished to have more they must according to published reports spend another $2,400.00 per cow and $400,000.00 in structural upgrades. All this to control cow poop.

All these farmers want to do is expand the limit to 300 cows without penalty. Yet now these conservationists are having a cow. Again in a region of New York screaming for jobs, are we now going to
be held hostage to cow poop?

We must stop these purveyors of mis-information from “greening” us into bankruptcy. These expanding businesses will grow, just in other states like Idaho and will take those jobs and tax dollars with them. Right now, our priority must be to “green”(the color of money) the economy, the environment will as it has since the beginning of time will take care of itself. This is my opinion, you may beg to differ.

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