Gristina: Gaining Momentum!

8/23/2012 2:23 PM
Contact: Mark Williams
Cell Phone: 845-216-7554

Republican District Leader Switches Support From Katz to Gristina
Gristina: Gaining Momentum!

Today, in an unprecedented move, Yorktown Republican District leader, Edward Ciffone, announced his endorsement for Dario Gristina, Candidate for the 94th NYS Assembly in the upcoming Republican and Conservative Primary Election at the taping of the Senior’s Forum show he co-hosted with Host Nick DiTomaso. On September 13th, Mr. Gristina will challenge incumbent Katz on the Republican ballot and as a Write In on the Conservative ballot.

“Dario has mounted a very strong campaign. Like Ed Ciffone, as the people of the district get to know him they are coming to his support in droves. We are confident that voters will overwhelmingly choose him to be their Republican and Conservative Parties representative.” States Mark Williams, senior political advisor to Gristina’s campaign.

The Senior’s Forum is a show that airs on Cablevision’s channel 74 in Yorktown, Somers, Putnam Valley and Carmel on Thursdays at 5:30pm. The show taped this morning will air next Thursday August 30th.

“I am always very pleased to be invited as a guest on Mr. DiTomaso’s show. But today I was very happily surprised by the unexpected endorsement of Mr. Ed Ciffone, President of the United Taxpayers of Yorktown and host of his own Cablevision show named The Watchdog Report. Having the open support of a longtime Yorktown resident and top Republican Party member of Ed’s caliber is surely welcome and much appreciated.” said Gristina. “It took great courage on his part to make a public announcement as he did, rebuking the party’s candidate. He let his heart and common sense overcome party politics.”

No stranger to hard work Gristina adds, “I have taken my campaign very seriously. It is strenuous, but I believe it to be necessary in preparation of the hard work ahead in representing the needs of the people of the district. I am honored to have received Ed’s endorsement and I look forward to his support and his vote on September 13th.”

A conservative republican, Dario Gristina is running a republican and conservative parties primary in the 94th NYS Assembly District against incumbent Steve Katz. For further information, or to schedule an interview with Dario Gristina, please call Mark Williams at 845-216-7554 or email him at

Bazzo 08/24/12


One response to “Gristina: Gaining Momentum!

  1. Dario is nothing more than a Greg Ball put up…..A waste of time and a follower like Ed Ciffone. What this state really needs is more real conservative leaders like Katz. What happened to we should all keep our seat? I guess that argument only counts when it is Greg making the case……..

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