Gristina: Who are you calling Stupid?


8/21/2012 2:23 PM

Contact: Mark Williams

Cell Phone: 845-216-7554


Dario Gristina responds to Katz’s
insults published in a Yorktown Newspaper

Gristina: Who are you calling Stupid?

On Thursday August 16th, 2012, the Yorktown News published an article titled “In re-election bid, Katz continues to call for smaller Government” in which Katz reiterated his views on less time spent in Albany and took the opportunity to call Assemblyman Candidate Dario Gristina, “Stupid and Ignorant”.

Gristina offered the following comments: “Once again, my opponent shows his true colors. Rather than offering a sound debate on the issues, he unleashes insults toward me simply because I am of a different opinion. Here is my message: ‘Hey Katz: Who are you calling stupid? Like it or not you are still my representative in Albany and, while I know you won’t be representing me for much longer, I do not appreciate your insults. For the sake of the constituents of this district, I urge you to find more meaningful ways of expressing yourself. Your poor judgment and inability to communicate is only dwarfed by your arrogance!”

“Katz is not stranger to outbursts and missteps.” States Mark Williams, senior political advisor to Gristina’s campaign “His ill fated decision to run against Senator Greg Ball, the silly and shameful remarks about his arrests, the incomprehensible address at the July 12th Candidates Meet and Greet hosted by the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce, and the recent promotion of his fundraiser as an ‘eat, drink and shoot AK-47’s event’ give us a clear insight on who this man really is. No wonder he has no friends in Albany. Come September 13th, he will find very few friends in the 94th District.”

“Once again I would like to invite my opponent to a thoughtful debate on the issues, on how each of us plans to represent our district in Albany, so that come September 13th, republican and conservative voters can choose their representative based on an intelligent discourse, not insults.” said Gristina.

A conservative republican, Dario Gristina is running a republican and conservative parties primary in the 94th NYS Assembly District against incumbent Steve Katz. For further information, or to schedule an interview with Dario Gristina, please call Mark Williams at 845-216-7554 or email him at

Bazzo 08/23/12

4 responses to “Gristina: Who are you calling Stupid?

  1. Come on, now!!!! Is Gristina going to talk about the 2 businesses he bankrupted and the fact that he owes $512,000 to the IRS including more than $400,00 in unpaid payroll withholdings and another $2 million dollars to creditors including some local businesses?

  2. Are you stating facts or are you just bashing Mr. Gristina? From what I know, Mr. Gristina’s company was cheated by the Port Authority for over $2,000,000 of which caused his company to seek bankruptcy protection and caused the loss of 50 local jobs. However, as Nicole’s best friend, I’m sure you are against Gristina…lol

  3. Here’s the link so you can see for yourself. Or ask any of the vendors that he feels not obligated to pay. Blame is not what we need in a leader. People like Dario Gristina who can’t make their own financial obligations really have no business handling the financial matters of the people of New York State.

  4. Berkowitz, don’t waste your breath… their (KATZ’ 2 supporters) going to keep trying to bash the only person that can make a difference. From the sounds of it, Gristina would be a perfect candidate after going through what he’s gone through. He’s a REAL person with REAL problems who can hopefully create change! HES GOT MY VOTE! Thank you Robin, for the information…

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