The Peekskill Trolley has the cure for what ALES you!

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The Peekskill Trolley has the cure for what ALES you!
A trolley tour for the discerning beer drinker.

PEEKSKILL, New York – Beer aficionados are always searching for that next great brew, the one that will stimulate each and every one of their fine-tuned taste buds. August 30th may be the day they find it. All they have to do is step aboard Stella, the Peekskill Trolley, for the “Peekskill Hops Hop” through Peekskill, a beer lover’s paradise.

Folks will step back in time as they board Stella for the journey through malt Mecca. First stop on their voyage will be The Quiet Man Public House. Once inside they may very well think they have crossed the ocean and landed in Ireland, for here they will sample an authentic Guinness. Their Guinness will be accompanied by a great burger (or sandwich) in preparation for the remaining legs of the trip.

When their Guinness is gone, they’ll hop back on Stella for the ride down to The Peekskill Brewery at the beautiful Peekskill Riverfront. Westchester Magazine says “the recent addition of Brewmaster Jeff O’Neill has elevated this cozy tavern into a serious beer player.” At the PB they will sample four of Brewmaster O’Neill’s very own Peekskill brews.

The last leg of the excursion will be to the Birdsall House which is named after a 1770’s establishment which was just across the street from today’s tavern, and served as George Washington’s Continental Army headquarters for many a night during the Revolutionary War. In the current issue of Westchester Magazine, Birdsall House was named one of the top 97 places to eat and drink in Westchester. At the Birdsall, folks will get to choose five American made brews from their daily list of about 20. Tasters can choose to sit inside in the1940’s style tavern or in the wonderful outdoor Bavarian Beer Garden where they can actually see hops growing up the lattice wall. Folks may elect to linger awhile at the BH and listen to the soulful sounds of Fred Gillen, Jr. who will be appearing later that evening.

Both the Birdsall House and the Peekskill Brewery were voted one of the 50 Best Drink Spots in Westchester by Westchester Magazine this past April.

So, if you like beer and you like fun, take the “Peekskill Hops Hop.” The all inclusive price is $65.00. Seating is limited, so call today (914) 739-5408 or email

8/21/12 Bazzo 08/22/12


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