Video: Bob Cohen’s Campaign Releases “If”

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


30-Second Television Ad Focuses on Westchester’s

Nation-Leading Property Taxes

Westchester–Aug. 21…Businessman and property tax reform state senate candidate Bob Cohen (R-I-C) today released a 30-second television commercial called “If” that began airing today on Westchester television stations.

The ad can be viewed here.

Mr. Cohen, a successful developer and a long-time community volunteer, has made property tax and mandate relief the hallmarks of his candidacy. His opponent for the open 37th senate seat, Assemblyman George Latimer, has the worst record on property taxes in Westchester County. Mr. Latimer raised property taxes by 46% as a Westchester county legislator and he voted against Governor Cuomo’s 2% property tax cap. He skipped out on a key vote this year to bring some mandate relief to counties and municipalities.

“If there is one thing we want voters to know walking into the voting booth, it’s that Bob Cohen is committed to delivering property tax relief to Westchester families and George Latimer will make your property taxes higher,” said Cohen spokesman Bill O’Reilly. “No legislator is Westchester County has been worse on property taxes than Mr. Latimer. He may be personable, but when it comes to our nation-leading property taxes, the facts are undeniable: George Latimer is the culprit.”

The full script to “If” is below:

If we are ever going to make state government work for our families
If we’re going to cut property taxes and create new long term sustainable jobs
If we are to stop Westchester families from paying the highest property taxes in America.
We need Bob Cohen in the State Senate. Bob Cohen is a businessman.
He’ll fight for Westchester taxpayers. improve our schools Bob will make living in Westchester easier for our families. Bob Cohen… He’s one of us.
Bazzo 08/21/12


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