Press Release: Kim Debates Solo on WVOX, Galef Dodges Third Forum


Sandy Galef dodges third forum


August 21, 2012 — “Her name is…Galef…I think. She could have corrected me if she was here in person,” said WVOX host Steve Mayo referring to the empty seat reserved for career politician Sandy Galef. Galef and her fiscal conservative opponent, Kim Izzarelli, were invited to appear for a joint-interview yesterday evening. Only Izzarelli showed.

Izzarelli touched on a variety of issues and topics during her hour-long solo appearance. Speaking on the state and local economy, the focus of her campaign, Kim noted that the people of the 95th district were not being properly represented. “I’m focused on creating opportunity,” she said. “There is no political courage in Albany and the tricks are over. A lack of mandate relief coupled with hidden taxes is simply a disservice to the taxpayer. I think this constituency deserves better.”

Mayo, who hosts the weekly program on WVOX 1460 AM, was “struck by Kim’s activism and intellect.”

“If Galef has the misfortune to run into you, she better be ready,” Mayo said.

Galef has worked hard to dodge debates and public forums, refusing to commit to three just these past two weeks.

According to the producer of “The Senior Forum” and “The UTY Watchdog Report” on Peekskill Cablevision, a spokesperson for Assemblywoman Galef’s office informed him “she would not, at any time, be able to appear.” Examiner Media, the League of Women Voters, the Ossining Chamber of Commerce and the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce have all expressed interest in hosting debates. Kim has committed to all of them. Galef has committed to none.

“I’m a mom,” Kim said during her closing remarks. “I can’t look my kids in the eye and promise them tomorrow will be better and that bothers me. That’s why I’m running.”

Media Contact:

Nick D’Angelo

Nick D’Angelo
Campaign Manager

Kim Izzarelli for State Assembly
Bazzo 08/21/12


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