The Latest in Kirsten Gillibrand’s Parade of Excuses

The Latest in Kirsten Gillibrand’s Parade of Excuses


Contact: Becky Miller


Albany, NY…February 10 – New York’s Junior Senator is using the House passage of the STOCK Act as another opportunity to make excuses for her husband’s profiteering during the housing crisis.

Acting off of inside information when Kirsten Gillibrand was a member of the House of Representatives, Jonathan Gillibrand walked off with a cool $79,000 by shorting the real estate market.

Now, through a spokesman, Kirsten is suggesting that her behavior is excusable because the Gillibrand’s loss in the value of their home exceeded the $79,000 her husband made shorting the market.

Kirsten using a net loss as an excuse for her insider trading is like a car thief arguing he should be let off because he crashed the car on the way home.

Kirsten claims kinship with the “millions of Americans” whose homes lost value in the housing crisis, conveniently ignoring the fact that most of these “millions of Americans” were not in a position to recoup some of their losses via insider trading.

New Yorkers are tired of Kirsten’s insincerity. It’s time to admit that her and her husband’s actions were just plain wrong – no more excuses.
Bazzo 02/11/12


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